Due to the very high scrap value of lead in recent months, more and more lead is being stolen from roofs, ie flashings, lead roofs, valleys, box gutters etc.

So there is a growing need to replace lead with a product which looks very similar to lead and has got approximately the same life as lead, but with no scrap value.

We would renew box gutters or areas of flat or sloped roof sections with batten roles, or without, to match in the best we can to the original look of the roof with the Firestone or Carlisle EPDM system. For flashings etc. we would use Redland Flashings, which can be dressed into the shape of your roof and this again has no scrap value.

Where lead flashing has been stolen from flat roofs we use a purpose made metal flashing, .07mm thick PVC Plastisol Coated trim, which is chased and secured into the brick work (wall), once again this has no scrap value.

For more information please see our flat roofing section.